America’s most expensive home is to hit the market for a cool $500million complete with a nightclub, beauty salon, 20 bedrooms and sweeping views of LA and the Pacific Ocean. The mansion, deemed ‘The One’ and developed by former film producer Nile Niami, sits atop a hill in the affluent Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel Air and is expected to be ready for sale in mid-2018. 

The 100,000-square-foot house has a number of perks including a nightclub with its own V.I.P room, 20 bedrooms including a 5,500-square-foot master suite, between four and seven swimming pools depending on one’s definition (does the moat and indoor spa count?), five elevators and a beauty salon.

An angular, modern home with an infinity pool

It is just one of a portfolio of super cribs the developer is touting. For a slightly more reasonable price of $85million, one might fancy a house called ‘Opus,’ a 21,000 square-foot Beverly Hills home which comes with a complimentary $12million worth of Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce vehicles. There is also an unnamed house that has a gold giraffe and a hot yoga room.


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A 100,000 square-foot hilltop mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles is expected to go on the housing market in mid-2018 and has an asking price of $500million. The property features views of the City of Angels and the Pacific Ocean.
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One of the bedrooms in The Opus, a 21,000-square-foot home in Beverly Hills with an asking price of $85million. ‘The One’ has 20 bedrooms, 13 of which are spread over the main house. The master bedroom suite boasts 5,500 square-feet and comes complete with a pool, kitchen and office all to itself. It is larger than most New York City apartments.
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Indoor pool in ‘Opus’, adjacent to a dining room for pre- or post-meal swims. ‘The One’ has between four and seven pools, depending on whether one includes the property’s moat and indoor spas.
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A spa in ‘Opus’. The home called ‘The One’ also boasts five elevators and a beauty salon among other perks. Neighbors include ‘Friends’ superstar Jennifer Aniston and technology guru Elon Musk.


The master suite in ‘The One’ by itself is larger than most New York City apartments and comes complete with its own pool, kitchen and office.



The home is spread over multiple different buildings. The main house will have 13 of the 20 bedrooms

Other perks, per a previous report on its construction by Caters News Agency, include a 30-car parking garage and a 45-seat IMAX movie theater.


Neighbors include ‘Friends’ superstar Jennifer Aniston and technology guru Elon Musk.


Complimentary items in the $85million Opus, meanwhile, include a Lamborghini and a cellar stocked with dozens of bottles of Cristal Champagne.


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While Los Angeles boasts world-class museums such as the Getty and the Broad, house-dwellers can transport themselves into a natural history museum by gawking at this golden sculpture of a giraffe’s skeleton, which comes with an under-construction home from Niami in the Hollywood Hills.
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Dozens of bottles of Cristal Champagne are complimentary with the home, which has an entire cellar exclusively dedicated to the expensive alcoholic beverage.

Cristal-filled cellar and FREE Lamborghini


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Complimentary with purchase of ‘Opus’ is a gold Lamborghini for cruising the hills and canyons of the City of Angels. The home comes with $12million worth of luxury cars.


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An angular, minimalist sauna sits in the under-construction, unnamed home, which is expected to hit the market in mid-2018. The home also has a beauty salon.
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A luxury coffee machine can brew most well-known coffee beverages at Opus.
‘The One’, with a speculated asking price of $500million, costs nearly four times more than the most expensive house ever sold in America – a home in New York state’s Hamptons that sold for $137million in 2014. It of course remains to be seen whether the property will actually sell for its asking price; real estate experts have scoffed at the $500million price tag.

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