Visitors to Marina Bay Sands will be able to interact with a light display with their footsteps or a tap on their mobile phones with the launch of a new permanent attraction. Be amazed as shoals of fish gather in the ocean beneath you while crystals light up above, or paint your own calligraphic art with your footsteps as flowers blossom to life.Digital Light Canvas, created by Japanese art collective teamLab, features a 14m-tall light sculpture suspended 6m above the ground, above an LED floor that spans 15m in diameter.

The light sculpture consists of more than 401,000 full-coloured LEDs strung with 608 tubes hanging within the cylindrical sculpture.

Marina Bay Sands Interactive Lights (1)

Select elements such as fireworks and festive ornaments on the installation using your mobile devices by scanning a QR code.


How does it work?

Decorate the light sculpture by sending 3D festive ornaments to the teamLab Crystal Tree, using just your phone!

  • Step 1: Head down to the Digital Light Canvas and connect to Wifi: “Digital Light Canvas”
  • Step 2: If the Digital Light Canvas page does not appear, key in the URL
  • Step 3: Click ‘Start’ and select your ornament
  • Step 4: Swipe the ornament towards our Light Sculpture and watch your ornament appear!

The display has three “show modes” accompanied by unique soundtracks.


Nature’s Rhythm: Will show flocks of fishes and birds moving in a “unified purpose”. Watch flocks of birds fly freely through the light sculpture above, as ten thousand fishes swim in the ocean beneath your feet on the LED floor and transform into a multitude of colors.

Marina Bay Sands Interactive Lights (2)

Strokes of Life: Will feature a “contemporary form of traditional Japanese calligraphy”, birds, butterflies and flowers to depict life. Also, you can customize a message – such as a birthday wish.

Paint your own calligraphic art with your footsteps, and be amazed as brush strokes blossom to life in our 4-minute show mode, happening every half-hour.


Marina Bay Sands Interactive Lights (5)

Festive Celebration: An interactive 4D vision light sculpture that allows users to activate light elements using their smartphones. Decorate the light sculpture by sending festive ornaments to teamLab Crystal Tree, or set off over 30 different animated Crystal Fireworks and light displays using your phone.

Personalize a message at $50

As an extension of Strokes of Life, express your wishes and watch them appear on the LED floor in beautiful calligraphy, along with a burst of fireworks in the light sculpture.

Visit the Retail Concierge Counter near Digital Light Canvas and choose from ‘Happy Anniversary’, ‘Will You Marry Me?’ or ‘Happy Birthday’ to dedicate to your loved one.

Marina Bay Sands Interactive Lights (6)

It took two years in the making to create this first-of-its-kind installation combining two technologies – a 4D vision light sculpture with an LED floor. The Digital Light Canvas is 20-metres high and the light sculpture alone is 14-metres tall. The light sculpture measures 7-metres in diameter and consists of 401,280 LEDs. The LED floor has over 7.7 million individually controlled Surface Mounted Diodes (SMD) LEDs. LEDS are energy efficient, yet able to produce an output 3x brighter than normal LEDs to enhance its visibility throughout the day.