Private aviation has boomed over the past two decades, with a corresponding increase in the number of private and corporate flights. The dining experience on a private jet has become one of the key aspects of executive and private travel, today’s travelers demand excellence in service and food handling.

Private Jet Dining (5)

When you think about private Jet Dining you fancy about Champagne and Caviar, exotic dishes prepared by Michelin chefs, served with vintage wines.

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Today’s private jets elite are setting new trends. Fresh fruits and veggies, cheese, crackers, smoked salmon and why not carpaccio, suchi, almonds just to name a few simple, yet sophisticated snacks; light food and easy to prepare. Of course, many jet owners fly with their private chefs, but the menu is quite practical and simple. Some fine dining restaurants have a packing pick up service for Private Jets. What to avoid: things that don’t drip, and things you don’t have to twirl, food with strong aromas, subtle-tasting food, including anything that’s poached or steamed.

Sophisticated Snacks


Recommended drinks Chardonnay, Mineral Water, Cocktails, Natural Juices and of course, Champagne. Now call your private chef and enjoy your flight.

Private Jet Dining (4)