The Hortensia Collection by Chaumet is a tribute to Empress Josephine, a radiant woman who was passionate about the beauty of flowers and the magic of gardens, the Hortensia collection lends profusion of color and generosity of form to both jewellery and precious jewellery pieces.


The Hortensia Aube Rosée collection invites you into a delicate garden filled with vibrant colours. An explosion of volumes and shapes in subtle variations of powdery pinks provide seductive pieces that delight every day.

Chaumet’s high jewellery collection a blossoming of precious flowers with a profusion of petals, gemstones and floral motifs in the form of a Hortensia flower.


The Chaumet Hortensia high jewellery collection is a fresh interpretation of the naturalistic style of jewellery that Chaumet embraced and became known for in the early and mid 1800s.

These exuberant jewels enlist colour to add depth to their emotional message and capture the pristine beauty of a freshly plucked flower.

Exuberant Jewels


More dramatic are the petals of milky white carved opal, punctuated with deep blue sapphire pistils, sculpted lapis lazuli and tanzanite petals that declare a pure and steadfast love. In the simplicity and drama of these designs.


Hortensia “Voie Lactée” ring

18-carat white gold
PAVING: brilliant-cut diamonds
MORE DETAILS: 196 brilliant-cut diamonds. White chalcedony. 4 round sapphires. 4 marquise-cut sapphires






Hortensia “Aube Rosée” necklace

MATERIAL: 18-carat pink gold
PAVING: brilliant-cut diamonds
MORE DETAILS: 4 cabochon-cut angel-skin opals. 4 cabochon-cut pink opals. 4 marquise-cut pink tourmalines. 2 round-cut pink sapphires. Three adjustment rings at 38, 40 and 42cms.




Hortensia “Aube Rosée” bracelet

MATERIAL: 18-carat pink gold.
PAVING: brilliant-cut diamonds.
MORE DETAILS: 4 cabochon-cut angel-skin opals. 1 cabochon-cut pink opal. 4 marquise-cut pink tourmalines. 1 round-cut pink sapphire.